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Our family loves to cook. But more than that, we love to enjoy what we cook with the people we love. Six years ago, my mom Merit and I decided that we wanted more control over the quality and freshness of the ingredients we use in our home-cooked meals. So we started growing our own. To keep our small farm alive, we began selling our beyond organic produce in local farmers' markets. Turns out...we enjoy sharing our food with just about everybody.


That passion for sharing delicious responsibly made food, paired with over 50 years of professional event coordinating between the two of us, organically led us to where we are now: curating special dining experiences for people like you.

We want you to have more control over the quality of the food you share with the people you love too, even when it means feeding a lot of them! The food we grow is used only for the meals we cook for ourselves and the meals we cook for you and your event. All of our ingredients are sourced responsibly and from local partner farms whenever possible.

Looking forward to your event!

Monte Shalett, Owner




Private Dinner



The event packages above are just a few of the many formats we have catered.

We look forward to curating a dining experience specially for your event.


Farm to Table

what it means to us

There's nothing better than preparing a meal

made with the freshest ingredients grown within the limits of your own city. Many of the ingredients we use are harvested within a day or two of you enjoying

the meal we prepare with them.


You are what you eat.

 We only work with partner farms who adhere to the

same standards and sustainable growing practices that we do. That means no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and sourcing from growers who are responsible

stewards for our local food system.


Guided by the Italian tradition of making clean

uncomplicated food with ingredients grown in our back yard, and influenced by the creative flavors of the French Creole cuisine we grew up cooking in our kitchen at home,

you will taste the care and love that goes

into the food we make for you.


Faubourg Farms went above and beyond to make sure we had a perfect event! Monte and Merit put together a creative menu and a beautiful presentation, and we loved serving fresh, local food that was different from your average party fare. Most importantly, they were a dream to work with and handled every tiny detail so that we could focus on our guests. Our event planning is so much easier with Faubourg Farms

on our team!

Meg Miles

Event: Fundraiser

It was so perfect!

My husband and I could not have been

happier with everything!

Heather Roberts

Event: Wedding

Such a great event!

Both the food and the presentation were


Swirl Wine Bar

Event: Wine Tasting


We're excited to help

make your event a success!

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