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Hidden Garden Dinner

A Private Farm to Table Experience

Company you love and enjoy, an environment where you are encouraged to take your time, ingredients and flavors that are special because they are from your community and crafted with care...

This is the experience we want you and your loved ones to have with us.

Because our fondest memories around food share all of these qualities.

From the moment we welcome you into the backyard garden, we want to make sure you feel at home, comfortable exploring and always excited for the next treat we have in store for you.

For information about pricing, availability, COVID precautions and to book your experience, please contact us directly:

We can't wait to share a truly special evening with you.

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The Food

Our menus are inspired primarily by the food we grew up eating around our family dinner table. You can expect an eclectic menu influenced often by Creole, Cajun and Italian cuisines, and driven by what ingredients are available in our garden and at local markets.

Menus will rotate regularly and feature what local growers and producers have at the time. Occasionally substitutions will be made depending on what is available at the market. We are happy to make adjustments to the menu based on dietary restrictions and allergies.

We know you will enjoy the seasonal menu we have curated for your experience, and the comfort that comes only from a home cooked meal

with zero decisions.

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The Space

Welcome to your tucked away home for the evening. We designed the backyard of our 7th Ward home with the intention of creating a space that feels intimate and cozy, while also explorable and healthy.   

While you are here, we encourage you to move at your own pace, wander the garden, see what is growing in the greenhouse, relax by the fire or lounge in the tasting room. Whatever feels right. 

You will have the option of dining al fresco in the garden (weather permitting) or in our newly finished air conditioned dining room.

We love the 7th Ward community we live in. We are grateful to have neighbors who are encouraging of this idea. In return we ask any guest of ours to extend to them the same courtesy we do. Please be considerate around noise and parking.

And have FUN!

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